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Nov 10, 2012 10:00pm EST
eliminate all tax on capital. romney would for everybody who has more than 12.5 million of wealth. up to that point you wouldn't be taxed. that's ha system that says we're going to let the already rich live tax free and put all the tax on con expulsion on labor, specially on labor. we're going further the policy of shifting things down, and i believe it would lead to dynastic wealth and leave the situation where the entrepreneurial spirit is stalled and killed but it's the newcomer, the guy who grew up without any money and makes a success of himself who makes the economy grow. not the person who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth. and we would become like 18th 18th century france, and your economics were determined by who you picked as your parents -- and i mean that to sound just as absurd as it does -- your gender and your birth order. if you weren't first born male to an already wealthy financially, too bad for you. obama is actually the most business-friendly president in american history, and i realize there are people listening to this are going, what? let me tell you w
Nov 11, 2012 8:00am PST
for some time. you can only, looking back, see those 20 debates that bushed everybody, including romney who became a moderate much too late to get that nomination. >> it is still striking. you have some 70% in the exit polls who believe the economy is in bad shape, 52% who feel like the country is off on the wrong direction. a lot of opposition thought to president obama and his policies and yet he prevails because of a coalition ever expanding that believes in a certain role for government, bob, that is opposed to where the republicans would like to take it. >> i think the big picture here is that president obama has got to deliver on the big issue, which is fixing the financial house of the u.s. federal government, it is in disarray, not just the fiscal cliff but $16 trillion in ious out in the world. in a couple of months, in february or march, they are going to have to renegotiate borrowing authority for another trillion or two dollars and if the president can fix and put us on some sort of path of restoration for the economy, that is a pay juv for everyone in the community you not just
Nov 11, 2012 3:50pm EST
everybody else and state after state republicans voted for him. if they didn't want mitt romney to be that i shall nominee why did they vote for him? only so you can get to the general election and trash him when he loses. that seems stupid to me. so to say mitt romney was the problem. if problem if you're going to point to it is the republicans out here who said this is the guy we want and didn't support him. this is the guy we want but didn't help him get across the line. you can't put this on the shoulder of mitt romney necessarily. how he runs his campaign you can pick at that from here to . there but to say as the nominee he was the problem i think is silly particularly given all the other individuals who were in the race that ran through the primary like he did. he won. host: we'll get to your calls and comments. join us on our facebook page or send us an e-mail or tweet. let's turn to the policy side of this speaker boehner telling the republicans to basically fall in line. he said let john boehner be john boehner he can negotiate a deal with the president without getting pressure fro
Nov 11, 2012 4:00pm EST
. that it is a socialist agenda. and i think that people in this bubble really did think that romney was certain to win because everybody they knew supported him and opposed obama. it's like the flip side of the old unfair joke about pauline kael who said, "how could nixon win in '72? everybody i know voted for mcgovern." apparently, she never actually said that. but we know the attitude it exemplifies. the right is now in that bubble. everybody they know hates obama. so how could all these people be voting for obama? >> in the hours leading up to the election, fox news devoted itself to speculation about romney's win. newt gingrich and others were talking about how big the romney landslide was going to be. gingrich thought it would be 300 electoral votes at least. >> i believe the minimum result will be 53-47 romney, over 300 electoral votes, and the republicans will pick up the senate. >> so are you suggesting that they, a conservative propaganda machine, was blindsided by its own ideology? >> i think that is so. and i think we may have seen a tipping point in this election because in all previous el
Nov 11, 2012 12:30pm PST
of this by getting rid of all deductions and lowering the rates. you have to have some pain here for everybody. >> colby? >> this is a show of record. i want to make sure the record is clear on negativity and mitt romney. let us not forget, last summer when the democrats started, we had the republican primary. in at republican primary, the talk about venture capital versus vulture capital? that came from mitt romney. who talked about being picked over by bain capital? rick perry. the talk about weathervane mentality? was that david axelrod? no, that was john huntsman. the republicans laid the groundwork f the work the democrats did. >> mark? >> yes, is there a question? >> no. >> i will respond to it and say when you win, you define the victory. that is the role of american politics. ronald reagan won a lowly landslide with no mandate in 1984. wasn't morning in america? there was a bear in the woods. walter mondale -- and he won 49 states. that is when tax reform became the centerpiece of his administration. >> ok, let's dig into the election. >> whether i have earned your vote or not, i have
Nov 11, 2012 4:00am PST
idea. >> okay. so the president bought into an idea he ran against. now this time, everybody on the democratic side, the progressive side said you can't go this romney direction, keep the higher rates or the lower rates or get rid of some big fat deductions. now the president is being given an opening here by saying there's a way to compromise. keep that, but take away the fat cat deductions. there may not be enough money there. >> brookings, the tax policy center? >> yeah. is there another opportunity for that kind of deduction. take away a lot of deductions state and local, tax deduction us. you're going to pay a lot more taxes. >> yes, i think at the end of the day. right now, the white house is going to stand by, we want the top rate to go back to 36.96. we want it to start with 250 and above. of course they're going to stand by that. the principle that they need to protect the wealthiest pay more. americans don't care how you get there. >> so there san opening here. >> there's no question there's an opening here. >> but the president and the other guy, boehner saying, ok
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
to be like north dakota. it it is interesting mitt romney would devolve decisions whether to explore on land so virginia was still look for oil could do so. that was revoked by the obama administration ever alaska wants to do more exploration. everybody once again sources of energy in their states' also to have manufacturing companies it seems clear. i would like to thank you for listening and i would be happy to take any questions. [applause] >> among the natural guest reserves and by some fluke you have governor cuomo with the potential for hydro-fracking and the decision would you say? >> look at the example of pennsylvania they have not experienced environmental problems. with your budget deficit it is seems obvious that hydro-fracking it is the way to go. to ensure the safety of water quality that residents are concerned about. the project should proceed it brought benefit to other states there it is no reason the york should be left behind. >> i want to ask you a very good example of unsuccessful creation of the new green jobs. had the look at the elimination of the cost benefit? >> th
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
. let's start at the national level. everybody has had their shot at interpreting what went on. what do you think the presidential election told us? >> for better or worse, romney did symbolize the well-born, the privileged. i could have sold him as a latter day tom duehy who looked like he had a lot going for him, but at the end of the day harry truman had the common man, had the common touch, and i think barack obama was closer to the center of american political thinking than the republicans. >> and that goes along with some of the polling that we've seen where mitt romney and president obama were about even and sometimes mitt romney led when you asked who has the best plan for the economy, but when you said who best understands people like you, president obama was always sort of, you know, out ran, out paced mitt romney for that. the question is when you look four years from now, when you don't have a president obama on the ticket, is this a certain coalition for democrats? >> i think so. if you look at the majorities of hispanic voters, african-american voters, asian voters, younge
Nov 11, 2012 8:30am PST
50 percent of the florida vote to romney, two to obama, and 49.1 percent to romney. >> it's veterans day, and we are honoring those who risked their lives. here's the story of two such men from palo alto. >> reporter: one night there was a big explosion. everybody rushed to the docks and a cruise ship had been torpedoed. >> herman shapiro is a world war ii veteran. he was part of the 106 infantry division. he remembers quite vividly a night when u.s. ships were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over, and people still alive. if you didn't try your best, people were going to die. >> only 18, he became a hero that night. >> i got into a rowboat and started pulling people out. it was poorer, complete horror. >> schapiro was scared to go into battle, but he believed it was the right thing to do. >> the stories that came out of germany were terrific. being of the jewish faith, it's like it meant more to me than someone else. >> either you were a dead or alive. >> this 94-year-old resident served as the doctor in the philippines during world war ii. >> there is th
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
. it was not a warmly-received suggestion. [laughter] it has occurred to me that if mitt romney had made that his slogan -- [laughter] for his campaign this year instead of the rather bland believe in america, he would be on his way to a massive landslide. everybody could get onboard with that. [laughter] young, by the way, used to say that he only swore when he was in the pulpit which wasn't true. he also swore at other times. i like to say that i only swear when i quote brigham young, which pretty much is true. [laughter] back to, back to the story. i am the head, young told the other apostles, you are the belly. his message was simple: get in line or get out of the way. those were the only two options. the apostles got in line. and young became the even more unquestioned leader of his church. my other story is from four years later, the her of 1851 -- the summer of 1851 in salt lake city. and it's a rare example of a church member willing to question young's authority. president millard fillmore had recently appointed brigham young the first territory of the newly-created utah territory, first govern
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Nov 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
. if the nation wants obamacare for everybody to paying for everybody's hells insurance it becomes pretty difficult, doesn't it. maybe that is what liberals wanted. >> it's based on romney care, but what obamacare does it gets rid of free riders. >> heather: let me jump in. alan we're talking about health implications. you jumped. there are health implications that have been proven from smoking marijuana. >> you are making the presumption because of this law, more people will be unhealthy and more people won't be able to be well -- let me finish -- the government isn't saying pleasing smoke marijuana. it doesn't make sense to have a law that costs society a lot more in terms of energy and money to have a law that makes it ridiculous -- >> but it is linked to cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer risk of leukemia in offspring of women that smoke it during pregnancy. >> if the government tells you everything that caused any disease or something you couldn't have we wouldn't be able to have anything. it's not the role of government to tell us what to put in our bodies as adults. >> thank
Nov 11, 2012 6:00am EST
's sort of like the utah of the salt lake city editorial. which mitt romney are we going to see? and i think that's what concerned maybe a lot of independents. everybody had their base and everybody played to their base. >> which obama are we going to see? the one that took office in 2008 and immediately went far left? the one that was in the campaign? the one in between? >> i think it's going to depend on -- this is going to be interesting. the question is what do we do between now and december 31st? that's what everyone is afraid of, what they call that fiscal cliff, that i hope that they'll explain it. i tried to explain it on my show this week. what is it, what does it mean, and what kind of impact -- someone is suggesting if we g off that fiscal cliff, then we're talking about the loss of two million jobs, as it was explained this week. two million jobs and we'll be right back into a recession. >> we've got to take a break. we've got to pick it up with much more ahead. >>> here are some of the stories we're following this morning. it's veterans day, and here in d.c., there are ple
Nov 11, 2012 10:30am EST
. and it is not going to get better. >> a month to address why i believe mitt romney did not win. i think the people have realized that we do not want someone to just plain lied to our face. he was called up by obama numerous times. everybody keeps saying that obama attack him in the beginning with the offense. i do not want to call it attacking. he made the people aware. he let us know who we were dealing with, from the gate. he gave us the opportunity to choose what would be best for us. the republican party needs to stop pointing fingers at obama, making it seem like he put us where we are. we are where we are because we cannot come together as one and half the people of america. >> everybody has a kind of cut the president down for being on ssi and social security and all of that. i broke my back 10 years ago, and i am on disability. my daughter and my wife can depend on that. i would give up everything i got right now if i could get a job, but it is not the president. it is the insurance companies that these companies have the will not hire me, because i am too high of a risk. when i go down th
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)